Name: Shivam Ruckhunty

Age: 21

 Relationship Status: Single

Interests : Music,  Djing ,  Studies,  play music in wedding and parties,  play football, Volleyball, Billard, petanque, Gym, Money and Prayers  

Music Type: Indian , Europeans, Sega , Electro , Bhojpuri, local songs

Lives at: Queen Victoria, Flacq

Contact Me on Facebook(NAME): DeeJay ShivAm khilaRi

Head Student Council in communication department at Darwin College (2010).

Head Student Council in Finance department at Darwin College (2011).

Start my DJ carrier at the age of  19 in year 2010.


Basic Information :

Gender: male

Current location: Queen Victoria, Flacq, Mauritius

Birthday: 29 March

Hometown: Flacq, Mauritius

Current address: KhilaRi Street, Queen Victoria, flacq, Mauritius

College attend: Darwin college at Flacq

Class attend: Upper 6

Phone number:(Emtel) __+230 (7397491)

                                 Orange__+230 (9293752)

 E-mail ID:


Window live(MNS) :                                      

Skpye: DeeJay ShivAm KhilaRi  Or  shivam.ruckhunty


 - - - - - - - - DeeJay ShivAm KhilaRi - - - - - - -

Add me on Face book : 

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The Man Behind The Music

DeeJay ShivAm KhilaRi Officially began his DJ career only 2 year ago. DeeJay ShivAm KhilaRi has been able to show the world his talent and he wanted to be the top. His creativity and the style of doing remix has kept the power of his name extends to his performances. In the year 2011 his rmx Saathiyaa from Singham has been selected for the best song of the year 2011/2012 in Mauritius .
By this time, DeeJay ShivAm KhilaRi is on his way up thanks to his original mixes. DeeJay ShivAm KhilaRi has now become unstoppable! DeeJay ShivAm KhilaRi is sure to leave his mark in the world of music and win the trust of his Fans.

Am DeeJay ShivAm KhilaRi from Mauritius. Am not a playboy to start. I love doing remixes of Bollywood and Devotional. I got the inspiration from my friend DJ kavee, DJ Akshay and my Favorites DJ’s : DJ Trenor and DJ Angel. Most of the time I spend on virtual DJ and on my studies. I love playing billiards and petanque. I like to download software for PC and check the latest songs on web and like to visits face book to surf. Am a big fans of Liverpool, DJ Trenor and DJ Angel and Sonu Nigam and as well as. Steven Gerrard.

 Am a cool and nice boy who don't like to fight. Am a religious person. I just hate smokers and just hate gambling, its out of my subject, according to me!! I learn many things in DJ life. I want to become a System Administrator and head of Air Mauritius Company also a DeeJay, part time. KhilaRi has a dreams, that to travel aboard to show his talent and wants to learn more on DJing. KhilaRi wants to be famous all over the world. That the promise which I have done to my myself and sure with the help of God, it will happen

If I don't get your feet off the floor, I will leave the floor myself.

Just add me on facebook (DeeJay ShivAm khilaRi) and MNS ( It will be very fun to chat with me.

 You'll never walk alone with DeeJay ShivAm KhilaRi.........;)

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